Ancients and Hybrids is a series of paintings.

The Ancient and Hybrid title is an exploration between

the development of the Homo Sapiens and their continuing

evolution.The Ancient part is explained through rituals studied in archeology :

feasts,fasts,pilgrimage,embodiement and lifecycle rites.

The introduction of religion and it's effect and control over every aspect of life and how that had an effect on age and gender.

The Hybrid part of the series focuses on the future of the Sapiens,how the life cycle is shaped by cultural patterns,migration

and marriage. With advancing Climate change a crucial factor to our well-being what does this mean for us. Environmental,nutrition

and epidemics are on the rise ,how do we adapt to cope.The six stages of life set out by, 'Isidore Of Selville', will be used to explain 

the transformations:


(Goodrich 1989).