Women Of Contemporary Art- Woman’s Essence Show 2019 58th Venice Biennale.AT Palazzo Zenobio,Doroduro,Venice.

Opening 10th of may.Delighted to be taking part in this all women show.

Finalist in the Global Awards in Dubai organized by Armani. November 2017. 

Exhibition in Rome     26-27-28   October 2017     Palazzo Velli Expo.

Exhibition in Kiev       2 November            2017     Art Ego Culture Center .

A Woman's Essence Exhibition Paris. 2017-   The Woman Art Award  dedicated this year to Berthe Morisot established by the Europe Art Awards and Musa International Art Space is a worldwide contemporary art prize created to discover,recognise and give support to women artists.This exhibition is curated by Laura Di Trapani, art historian, studied at the University La Sapienza in Rome.She has curated numerous exhibitions of contemporary art at art galleries and foundations of Bologna,Palermo,Milan,Frankfurt and Milan Art Fair. She collaborates with numerous magazines  such as X-Press published by Deutsche Bank and Espoarte.

Next Exhibition -Women's Essence in Paris 2017. 

Awarded by the Academia Italia In Arte Nel Mondo, Associazone Culturale, for Special Prize for Human Rights 2016, dedicated this year to ;' Paul VI,POPE OF HUMANITY', and awarded high artistic recognition 'Beato Angelico',2016, to be held in Lecce,Italy,Saturday December 17th 2016.These awards are for high recognition of cultural engagements undertaken by candidate,beyond the pictorial grammar,achieved with passion,ability and selflessness,in the development of their disciplines in the ,'Applied Arts'.





Exhibition titled-"Women's Essence", in Milan 1st of April opening night 2016. Female artists selected by Musa International Art Space and Professor Laura di Trapani, who will be writing a criticism of the exhibition which will be published in a book .This project represents  contemporary female artists living and working today ,creating visibility and supporting women in contemporary art. 

EXHIBITION in Milan runs from; 1st-19th,April 2016.

Exhibition in Venice at Mira,in April 2016,. Event titled 'Biennale Riviera del Brenta". The participating artists will receive a bronze medal to mark the occasion at the Valier Mansion on April 25th, 2016.The prize is given to those artists who have been chosen by Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo.This Riviera was a popular hang-out for Casanova,Galileo,Byron and D'Annunzio. It inspired Mozart and was portrayed  by Tiepolo and Canaletto.






During November 2015 I was awarded the Michelangelo International prize for Art, also an exhibition was held to mark the Artists at the Jubilee Festival in Rome, 2015.

Exhibition at City of Noto, Italy. The exhibition took place at the Cultural Centre in Noto from 4th of December -27th december 2015.During this exhibition funds were raised for Nepal and the donations will be used for the children to re-build schools.This exhibition was sponsored by Unesco.


Exhibition - Self-Portraits at Cypress College Art Gallery, Oct 29-Nov-19 2015 in Los Angeles.Exhibition curated by Dr. Adelinda Allegretti,art historian,journalist and independent curator,Rome Italy.


Exhibition at The Onishi Project in New York, 521 West 26th Street, New York. Begins 19th of November, exhibition titled "Tenderness", curated by Stefanni Carrozzini, art curator  and independent  art critic from Milan,Italy.www.onishiproject.com

Alessandro Berni Gallery, Perugia, Italy. Exhibition titled 'Tenderness', curated by Stefanni Carrozzini.www.alessandrobernigallery.com








Exhibiting in Venice May 2019 with Musa International Artspace -Title of Exhibition is ‘AQUA’. Exhibition runs concurrently with the 58th Art Biennale in Venice.