Red chalk drawing.

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Living and working in two different cities has impacted my artistic journey .I spent four years living in London,exhibiting and traveling all over Europe,this opened many doors for my artwork and reconnected my art to the history of Europe.

I received my art training in Dundee ,Scotland in 1985,where I graduated with a BA honors degree in Design. I spent a further year specializing in the ancient Japanese technique of enameling on precious metals.I again graduated with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Jewelry and Silversmithing.After my studies I became known for a ‘Craft Master ‘. of enameling and exhibited and taught in Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums.

In 2001, I relocated to Houston ,Texas and began to study with prolific artists from all over the USA. I regularly studied workshops in Studio Incamminati, with Stephen Early and Darren Kingsley. I also did several workshops with Rob Liberace as he at the time was the only artist explaining anatomy to any great detail.This led to workshops with Scott Eaton, a fantastic anatomy teacher in 3-D,

computer Z-Brush technique based in London. I did a facial forensic re-construction course with Scott.. This is still my training stop for anatomy and I still use Scott’s fantastic human -in -motion photo series to study.

Whilst studying in London I was approached to work and draw cadavers in St.George’s Hospital ,in Tooting,London,by anatomist Dr. Phil ADDS. This was a great opportunity and one that lasted three years.


I have been fortunate to have been able to study cadaver bodies at St.George's hospital in Tooting,London for around three years. This time has been extremely useful to my drawing skills and has helped greatly in advancing my knowledge of the human body. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Phill Adds and Dr. Rachel Delgado for all their support during this time.

Truth and Liberty.

Truth and Liberty.